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Taxi Dog's Teachable Moments By Molly Lawlor, Curriculum Director

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For Teachers and Parents

#“What would Maxi do?” is a question parents can pose to their children to help them learn to use social and emotional learning in their thinking and their behavior. In his many adventures Maxi the Mentor can serve as an ongoing source of wisdom for children – and their parents, too!

Why is Taxi Dog needed in education today?


Overwhelmed with stimulation but compelled by the quick shifts in attention, kids are rapidly becoming drawn to a surface level of understanding.


Maxi the Taxi Dog offers a compelling alternative to this race to distraction by drawing on an old circuit of our brains: the part of our brain that responds to storytelling. With the non-verbal communication of Maxi’s interaction with Jim and the fares, kids and their parents are pulled into the human drama of real people at the speed of life – not the speed of light! Humans are storytelling creatures and Maxi’s stories go right to the heart of relationships, inner understanding, confronting problems and learning new ways of resolving conflicts and confusion. Children with these skills do better in life.