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The Globetrotting Adventures of Maxi

This “work in progress” is our CG International Taxi and is for all markets outside of the U.S. who prefer Maxi’s taxi to have an international look. A few clicks of the mouse and our Checker cab becomes this taxi (or any other taxi that is designed).

Taxi Dog’s International Backdrop

The “Big City” exists everywhere in the world. Many of television's greatest worldwide successes have taken place in the “Big City”. Batman, Superman, Sesame Street, Under Dog, Mighty Mouse and many others are examples of this success. The Adventures of Taxi Dog’s backdrop is filmed throughout the five boroughs of New York City, a renowned palette for all cultures and nationalities. Through our unique production process, international distributors and networks have the option to change the virtual backgrounds to any city in the world at their discretion.

The Process of making the "Virtual International Taxi"